Workshop shares vision and future with employees

Bunjil Energy employees undertook a workshop focused on change management and leadership on February 8, 2019. Located at Bunjil Energy’s Elsternwick offices, the workshop aligned employees with the organisation’s mission and vision going forward.

Employees engaged in a series of activities and discussions that asked them to reflect on the organisation and it’s future. The reflection allowed employees to understand and become included in Bunjil Energy’s ideology.

Bunjil Energy Founder and Director, Isaac Harrison, highlighted the workshop’s importance in sharing the organisation’s direction with employees.

“The workshop encourages employees to be and feel a part of the Bunjil Energy mission and vision as we continue to grow.”

“It’s important to invest in days like today where our staff can have a say in the business, where we can be transparent with one another and move forward with a shared vision.”

The workshop comes as Bunjil Energy continues to rapidly grow, with expectations it will soon be competing with major energy providers. The organisation wants to ensure that as the business develops, so does the employees.

Hosted by consultancy firm Big Change Agency, facilitators Zulu Flow Zion and Benny Ausmus, guided employees through meditations, discussions and leadership techniques. These activities manifested Bunjil Energy’s vision and mission to support opportunities for Indigenous people.

Jarred Conroy, Bunjil Energy Founder and Director, expressed his eagerness to assist Indigenous Australians along the right path.

‘As a non-Indigenous person it’s hard for me to sit back and see the disparities that Indigenous people face. I’m a person who doesn’t like band-aid solutions and believe that what Isaac and I are doing will genuinely help move Indigenous Australians in the right direction towards better social and economic conditions.’

Isaac and Jarred concluded the session by detailing to the team why they are vested in Bunjil Energy and how it means more than just a business opportunity.

The joint venture partnership sees Jarred owning 49% of shares and Isaac with 51%. The partnership originally focused on resource sharing. Jarred is also the founder and director of Prana Energy, an Australian electrical and data service, identified as one of Victoria’s largest electrical contractors.

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